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Bat City Circus

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What should I wear or bring to class?

In order to prevent clothing and hair getting tangled in the apparatus, we recommend wearing form fitting clothing without studs, zippers or dangly parts. Jewelry may also present a hazard and is not recommended to be worn during the classes. To avoid loss these valuables are better left at home. Leggings, socks, leotards, and long sleeved t-shirts are preferred styles offering protection and reducing friction.

Bring water and an open mind. Leave your stress behind and enter into a flow of experiences that will prove to you how much you can accomplish. Bring friends, lovers or family!

Is there a prerequisite for each class level?

At this time classes are loosely divided by skill. The reason for this is because skill progressions are presented to each individual student at the time that they present the fundamental skills and self-directed desire to explore variations on each skill. The class meets the students where they are individually, and although each class has a daily plan, each class plan is unique to it’s participants and where they feel they are that day. Class scheduling is divided into Beginner, Beginner/ Intermediate, and Intermediate/ Advanced. We have an intimate professional relationship with the Aerial community and can invite guest instructors for special apparatus or skills workshops.